What are the chances of her bailing?

It has been hard to get a date with this girl but I decided and specified date. She said yea sure! She suggested an idea. I'm just curious based off this how likely it would be that she bails. We are always teasing eachkther and she is always playfully hitting me. I'm just scared because like I said it was hard to get a date with her in the first place.


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  • I have no clue, I don't know her. You know her better than we do.


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  • Make exactly was it tough?

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    • Well I would tell her a specific date/time I would pick her up. That way she has an obligation to be ready, etc . Doesn't really seem like the type to bail though, just busy. So you have a plan and just have to go through with it. If she bails, be mad with her

    • Oh I asked what days she was free and picked one of them. So we have a set day and time

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