Girlfriend wants to talk, now what?

My girlfriend and I have been going through a down time lately, and since we're long distance it doesn't make things easier. She texted me today that she wants to talk, so I asked her if it was going to be the break up talk... She replied that she didn't know, and doesn't know where our relationship is going. Which I understand, I tried talking things out in the last few weeks but nothing I do or say seems to clear up her mind about the relationship. I know I truly love this girl and see my self in the future with this person. I'm confused and don't know how to take the other step ahead, any advice is greatly appreciated!!


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  • bring alcohol, preferably wine. Drink first. Be a gentleman. Get her in bed. Rekindle things before she takes the leap.

    • He said that it's long distance, so that would not work.

    • oh... I thought they were getting together. Long distance never ends well. She likely has another guy already. They dont leave one until they have another usually... tough break

    • Wish it was that easy lol

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