If a girl says yes to a date?

I texted this girl and asked her on a date (I know bad idea texting) . She told me "yea sure!" and what days she was free and we picked a day and time. So if a girl says yes does that indicate interest?


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  • Couldn't really be more *crystal clear* there buddy.

    • I mean more than friends

    • A date is a date, if it's going to be just you and her I'd say that she's definitely interested.

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  • Nooo, it means she hates yer guts. *that was sarcasm of course*
    But seriously she's interested.

  • well what did you want her to say... no?

    • That's not what I mean... I'm just wondering if she has more than friend interest in me

    • Possibly you gotta go on the date first kiddo

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