Guys, what would you do if?

A girl you've barely talked to asked you out over the phone (it's the only way!)?
Would you say yes or no? Would you think she's a creeper? And by the way, this guy acted like he might like me (stared at me, smiled etc)


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  • I think this 'creepy' label is sometimes stretched way too far and we don't think that people's emotions are far stronger than we have control of sometimes. Shit supposed the chick liked me but she was just to shy to say and in the perfect moment she finds the courage to say she likes me and I call her a creeper. Maybe if its an immature guy he'll think that.


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What Guys Said 2

  • barely talked too? at that point it would depend if she's hot or not.

  • Define barely talked to? Are we talking about a few minutes, days, weeks, etc. If it's like 10 minutes and she wants to be my girlfriend that would throw up a red flag; unless she was hot. If it's a few days/weeks then sure why not.


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