When a girl says she feel bad because she can't give more right now but likes me, should I stick around?

So I met this girl through a friend 2 months ago. She is the sister of a recently deceased girl who suffered brain cancer whom I visited 1 week for 4 months to be supportive as I was asked to do. Long to short of it. I met this girl and we were doin great, talking daily. She was really into me saying i crack her up and im the best thing in a long time for her. We slept together too. I saw her every weekend, met her family that I did not already know from my visits with her sister. She's an EMT with a VERY busy schedule and trying to make time to be the figure to her nephew in her sisters absence on top of grieving. She has a lot going on. While getting to know me. 5 or 6 weeks into it our communication got less but still daily. I didn't say anything. Until 8 weeks when I just had to know if she was ok. We talked bc i was confused and asked her if this was too much at thus time? She said she's sorry and felt horrible that she can't give me more right now with her hectic life and work schedule. Her life has been like this the whole time though. I don't get it. Am I missing something. I Said I Still Want TO continue if she's ok with it. She didn't say no. Oh she lives an hour away too but it's not terrible. Am I being selfish by wanting to continue bc she is seriously an awesome person. I'm lost on this one. What the hell do I do. I'm 32 she's 25. Am I stupid for wanting to be there for her and continue getting to know her?


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  • You should move on.


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  • no bro i believe she's honest she's super-busy... judgin by yer description she doesn't seem lika a person who could play wid u


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