Emergency question!!! ?

I really feel bad but don't know if I should?
I met this guy online about a year ago and he is my boyfriend now, I didn't really trust he wasn't seeing girls there where he lives so I made this fake account with this chick and talked to him from it he told her he was single and that he would take her out... After a few days of them talking I got angry about it and so I started talking to a different guy while he was still my boyfriend.. But then my boyfriend told the fake account chick he wasn't single anymore and that he wasn't going to talk to her anymore and then he started talking to me again.. But now I have this other guy who keeps telling me to break up with my boyfriend but I just can't and I went out with this other guy and kissed him and sent him pictures of me in my panties.. Should I feel bad? Or feel even with my bf?


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  • So, You sent a guy pictures of you in underwear whilst you had a boyfriend? sounds like your fault to me...

    • Yeah I did 😕 but here's what happened.. My boyfriend that lives in another state wouldn't talk to me for weeks and then when he would he top me it was gonna be hardly ever he was going to come see me because he had a life where he lives and all this and that so I broke up with him (on top of him talking to another girl) and he didn't like the idea of us not being a couple so he kept asking me to be back with him, so I did.

    • Well... You fucked up then didn't you?

      Eh, Nothing you can do, Ya fucked up, now move on from it, just forget about, lifes to short for worrying about that shit dude.

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  • You should feel bad because that means that you at least thought of your boyfriend's feelings throughout this. Now you need to be honest with him because he deserves it from you.

    • Even though he's not been honest with me?

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    • Ok also how can I get rid of this other guy? He won't leave me alone even though I've told him I can only be friends and that I have a boyfriend?

    • You have to be firm with him. State your reasons to why you don't want to be with him. For example you can say that you have a boyfriend and you're not gonna let him turn you into a bad person who unwillingly dumps another person just to be with him. Also say that you already told him you only want to be with friends but if he can't obey that maybe tell him you two will need to spend less time together then because you're uncomfortable with his forwardness.

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  • Wow, you really screwed the pooch on that one! If he finds out that you are sending "panty pics" to another man, you are screwed. Sounds like you made a poor decision.


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  • It's complicated


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