How to get out of a bad relationship?

So. I've had nothing but bad relationships my whole life, and now I am with a user? She uses he for attention and love but gives very little back? I love her I do. But she always is mad and doesn't give me the love I deserve. How can I end it? I'm having trouble


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  • Just tell her that you need space and that you want to be on your own.

    • How do I say that?

    • You say, Listen, I am not doing well with this right now. I need some space to work things out and I think that is best to be done on my own

    • thanks!

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  • Maybe you guys can see a therapist

    • Maybe

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    • Stupid reasons. Like today she said she was going out with friends I asked who, she said it's none of my business. I'm just like okayyyyyy and then I changed the subject but then she got mad and was like hurt I didn't care who she was hanging out with

    • I think that is really rude but maybe she was just being pissy at something else

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  • It's easy. You tell her this is a one sided relationship and you need more than she can give so goodbye

  • Just text her that its over and to come get her shit out of your place. It's brutual and cold but maybe thats why they need.

  • Just end it

    • How?

    • Why can't you say that it's not the relationship you want or that maybe you need time or space to figure things out?

    • Thanks

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