He got mad about the fact that I was hanging out with a boy.

I was just on the phone with my Fiance, he was asking me what did I do today, So I said I went to the mall with my friend and my guy friend... Then he got mad about the fact that I was hanging out with a boy. WTF! questioning how old is he, what did you guys do,did you have fun, blah blah blahhhhh.

why the hell does some guys hate it when their girlfriends hung out with their guys friends?

by the way we are in a long distance relationship.


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  • He thinks if you look good your guy friends might want to be more than friends. You know lots of relationships start as friends. It's ok to go out with guy friends and girls but when there are only guys involved or only a guy then things are different. Like when he would meet some girl friends and go out probably some of you wouldn't like it if it's only him and the girls or only him and a girl.

    It's not always that you don't trust the girl, maybe you just don't trust those guys...

    But if you have enough self confidence you don't care anymore


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  • The short answer is because he's insecure, but a lot of guys are...so it's not like he's alone. Now that being said, I'm not overly insecure and or jealous. Why? Because I love my own inner self (confidence) and because women hate the jealous boyfriend. It's too controlling and pitiful. I'm used to short term relationships anyway so I won't experience long term relationships for a while anyway simply because I'm not up for it yet but I hope to not turn into some insecure lame-o. So do NOT blame yourself either, it's his problem, not yours.

  • he just feel insecure. he doesn't want to compete with other guys and that can turn into controlling behaviour


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  • why do guys hate it when their girlfriends hang out with their guy friends?

    i can name a few :

    some guys are more possessive then others. (they don't wish their girlfriend is hanging out with a another guy because that can jeopardize his chances of loosing you because keep keep in mind you guys are long distance )

    he's jealous ---also because you are hanging out with another guy... and not him ...

    He feels like you are a good catch and you could potentially find someone else ...

    what else? .. ohh and I think it really all boils down to him not having enough confident in himself and might be feeling a bit insecure about himself ... I mean it could be all or it could be just one or few of these things listed It really depends on how he is as a person.. because if he's the controlling type then he's obviously possessive and has jealously issues and don't wish the girlfriend hanging out with other people. .. if he's not

    and he's the shy type he could be insecure of himself in lots of ways because you guys are long distance thus meaning not enough time to see each other and thus you could be a could catch and thus potentially he could loose u...

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