Do women sometimes choose to be with a less physically attractive guy because they are usually less likely to cheat than more attractive guys?

I've noticed some instances with girls that i know about, that casually hooked up with some of my friends, and then eventually some time later they are in a relationship with a much less attractive guy (i know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to some degree you can tell if someone is attractive or not, and these guys where less fit, dressed worse and overall just looked way more average)

This has happened to me once as well, i would consider myself based on what I've been told and my experiences with women that im way above average looking. One thing in common with most of these girls is that its very noticable when talking to them that they are slightly insecure about themselves, so my guess would be they feel more secure in a relationship with a guy who is less attractive?

Does this make sense and have you noticed it too? what do you think and for you girls have you ever chosen a less pysically attractive guy to date because of insecurity or some other reason?


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  • Sometimes as woman get older they are likely to date not as attractive guys out of fear of not getting married. Other times they just really like the personality


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  • Yes that's why the dad bod is a thing right now. They want to be the center of attention and can't do that if their boyfriend looks better than them


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  • No, sometimes they just like the guy himself. Gasp. Surprising, I know.

    • well duh, sometimes they like the guy himself, but what about the other times? its pretty obvious that some girls only hook up with attractive guys and then disappear without getting to know them completely because they are afraid to get hurt. So with that knowledge it makes it logical a girl might chose to be in a relationship with a less attractive guy, giving him the opportunity to spend more time with her so feelings can develop as he is less likely to cheat since a less attractive guy is more likely to have less options with other girls.

    • Who knows, the world's subjective and full of mystery ~~~

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