Ok so I need some advice?

So I started talking to this girl recently, I had gotten to the point where we were going to set a date, things were going awesome then one of my colleagues was spying on my phone while I was texting her one day and started asking me about her. It turns out he went on a date with her the weekend before. . .
as soon as her found out he got really possessive and started asking me loaded questions, like what have you talked about so far? I said we've just been joking around. (Him) Is she an rn? (Me) I don't know, I haven't asked her.. (him)"So you're just dtf then? Yep, you're just dtf". (Me) "show me a guy who isn't and I will show you a liar"
He got on his phone right away after that and started texting her.
The thing is I never said anything about what my plans were, he just automatically assumed that I was only interested in sex. Kinda putting words into my mouth.
I have no proof, but I'm pretty sure he painted a picture for her about me that was pretty dark. Which it wouldn't be the first time he's done it, I've seen him do it before. To another colleague of mine. I'm pretty sure because after that, she completely stopped talking to me.
Where do I go from here? Do I address the white elephant in the room? I guess that's the real question, what to do about him? And what to do about her?


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  • Tell her of the truth, and how this asshole is just messing up things and spreading rumours. Prove that you aren't what he says you are, and if the girl will put what HE says before what YOU say, she isn't worth your time either

  • Ask her what's wrong and what happened. Ask her what the guy told her. Go from there with her. Tell the guy that you were looking to get to know her as a person not just for the nasty.


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