He invited me to a roof top party. Why?

So I'm not very close to this guy but know him through a mutual friend. A week after I met him he asked his friend to text me and invite me to his birthday party at his house. I later found out that it was the only girl who had been invited.

A couple of weeks ago he then asked me if I would like to go to a roof top party with him. I said okay and he told me it would be in 2 weeks time.

Why would this guy invite me to the party when he doesn't know me that well? I assume that we would be going by ourselves without any other else from our circle of friends.


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  • Because it's a party. You can invite even acquaintances

    • Yeah but the thing is we aren't that close so I'm surprised why he would ask me and not one of other girls from the group..

Most Helpful Girl

  • He probably thinks your cute and wants to get to. know you.


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  • Sounds like a bad idea. I wouldn't go

    • Really? what makes you say that?

    • I misread the description a little; he simply wants to get to know you better or be given a chance with you or somethign

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