If your ex realized their wrongs and reached out, how would you feel?

About 6 months ago my ex dumped me. Unfortunately he had every right. He definitely wasn't the perfect boyfriend (far from) but he never did anything enough to warrant breaking up with. But I had (I've been really working on it) extreme jealousy and anger issues and after a year of being together I guess he had it. We had a really great connection and a fun relationship besides this issue. But after a bad night out together (I was angry at him) he broke up with me about week after it. I didn't try to talk him out of it I just kind of realized, I made my bed time to lie in it. But after working on myself, I'm still not where I want to be but I'm better I really miss him. We've had minimal contact but it's never bad, it's kinda pleasant. He's made hints he misses me but nothing solid. Is there even a point to reach out to him, in your opinion?


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  • I'd tell her what I told her when she said she wanted to "stay friends" - that I don't trust her, and would never put myself through it again.

    • I appreciate you answering but it's not like I cheated on him. He knew without a doubt I never would. Idt trust was lost in this case. Thank you though!

  • Yeah there is, tell him ur in counseling and working on anger and would like to go out for coffee and see where it goes

    • I appreciate your input!! Thank you!

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