I got a new girlfriend a month ago, and we've talked day to night, but then 2 days ago she just stoped talking to me. What do I do?

We are both 14 and I have called texted and kiked her. I even checked her insta. She goes to a different school than I do. I am pretty sure she is not grounded.


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  • When you try to call her does the phone ring or go straight to voicemail? Maybe she lost her phone. Let's think optimistic here, if things were as is prior to you not hearing from her I don't think she'll lose interest that fast. Maybe there was a family death or something drastic happened that she just don't want to be bothered. I'm sure you'll hear from her soon, best of luck :)

  • She's either trying to say something (girls like to do the I am not saying why I'm mad because you should figure it out anyways or she wants you to do something) or she is probably busy.

    • Before she stop talking she said "srry I gtg to my Bros baseball game

    • It sounds like to me she is trying to avoid you or not talk to you. Have you tried calling from a different number to see if she picks up?

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