Why do women always put up intimacy barriers with me?

Women always have really bizarre behavior when they go on dates with me. Because of this nothing ever works out and it s pretty depressing that I've invested thousands of hours to no avail.

At first , when they meet me, women are flirty, open, and make their intentions very clear that they're interested. They're down to make out and stuff at first so I think it can go somewhere so I get their number and ask them out on a date. Here are a few examples of the large number of failures I've experienced.

A girl shows up to the date, where I'm cooking for her, 20 minutes late, wearing no make up and some crappy clothes and still wet hair that's unbrushed even though when I first met her she had clearly spent hours on her appearance. She sits in the chair furthest away from me and then starts telling me, in conversation, about her guy friends and how some of them tried to get with her and she rejected then rejected them. She then starts referring to me as dude and bro clearly indicating that I wasn't viable.

Another girl became the most animated and excited all night, and became the most talkative when the waiter came by who she knew, and started mildly flirting with him.

A different girl then literally jogged out the door at the end of a three hour date waving goodbye and saying she had fun, clearly trying to prevent me from trying to kiss her goodbye

Other dates were just a struggle to get any response. Id ask something like what do you like to do for fun? She'd say oh some stuff, without giving any details. Furthermore few girls ever ask questions about me. 99% of the conversation is centered around them even when I insert something interesting I do.

I've failed hundreds of dates. Some were more successful at first and then i just got treated like a platonic friend as they would prevent any situation that would allow me to escalate. I also have embarassingly low standards. women are impossible how does anyone get a gf?


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  • Maybe you're doing something off-putting while you're on a date with them?

    • Its true but not useful because i don't know what

    • Well I don't know either. Thanks, anyway

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