Would a player "Make Love" to a girl he is playing?

I met a guy, and we instantly connected. We are both pursuing music but he is already much more known than I am. He introduced me to his manager, has me recording my voice on many of his songs and introduced me to his producer so I can work on my own stuff too. When I come to the studio, he introduces me to so many of the other artists who are also his friends, and they all heard so much about me. They even know things about my personal life, since apperently he talks about me a lot and all the great things I do. He even wants me to team up with him musically so we can help eachother go far in our careers. Everyone is always so impressed by me because they respect him, and they say he speaks VERY highly of me... He even gets this look on his face, a sort of smile he is trying to contain when they tell me what he's been saying...

Him and I, we discussed a type of partnership where we fullfill eachothers needs emotionally and physically, but nothing serious since we want to work together and avoid things from getting messy... He admitted to me that he was falling for me and that it scared him, since he is not looking for a relationship any time soon... Also, before we ever slept together, when I talked to him about "having sex", he said to me sweetly "that's not what this is... I want to make love with you not just sex". Both times we did it so far, it was making love and it really felt amazing. He held me in his arms after too and cuddled.

What worries me is that he has 3 kids with another woman, and claims they are no longer together. He admitted they are very close, especially since they share the children. i found his Facebook the other day, and it says he has been engaged for 4 years. There is also a picture of him and his ex cuddling that was posted 2 weeks ago (before him and I got together). I checked out her Facebook, and she is promoting his music and successes all over her wall, but has no relationship status to show. I saw her br

I saw her briefly, she is so pretty and seems sweet. I can't help but wonder if they are still together! Especially since him and I agreed to keep our intimacy a secret due to our career, so no PDA or talking about it... Moreover, I there was another female singer who recorded on one of his tracks with me the other day. She is not as talented or interesting but he texted me that they ran into each other at the mall and were shopping together. Can't help but wonder if I am just being played...


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  • Nobody said you can't play him. If this is a no strings attached kinda thing, and I'm assuming this guy is a lot older then you, it safe to say he's playing you. I would know, my Father did it to my mother, with a women ten years younger then him. Maybe talk to his friends about this if he's done what your thinking before if it really bothers you. Or just use him to get farther in your career, even though its bad to say, as long as your fucking him, he's going to help you in the industry. Your in a pretty good situation as long as your not falling for him, then your in a pickle

    • He is actually only 26 and I am 23 so we are nearly the same age. All my friends are actually his age or older... And yes, I am falling for him... He acts like he actually is falling for me too... not sure if he's honest or if he's just really good... like why would a player "make love" only and not wanna just do sex you know

    • Maybe he's not getting that kind of intimacy in his relationship. Or maybe he's telling the truth and he is falling for you. Now that i know he is the same age it seems more believable. It's scary to fall for someone, i know. You lose some control because you have to surrender your emotions to this person and it leaves you vulnerable. But thats just part of life. Your young, falling in and out of love is one of the things your suppose to experience in life to grow as a person. So go for this guy and see what happens, the worst thing that could happen is you go back to being single and you have met and experienced a wonderful human being for a time.

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