So last week I hung out with this guy, and h hadn't texted me until today, safe to say he isn't interested in a relationship?

Last time I asked a Q about a guy who came on way strong, adn I gave him a chance, we had like a not normal hangout that lasted an hour, it was just awkward, but in a timing kinda way. I thought it was enough to know I'm definitely not interested in him in that way, and figured he wasn't either since he hadn't texted me until today. We saw eachother at work a few days ago and we were cool. Is this safe to assume or do I have to wait until it's said? Or do I have to say something? Also, is this what "dating" is? I was going to tell him I don't feel ready for a relationship, because I really don't, but he didn't let me finish my little speech.
I've never done this relationship thing, and he knows it, if that makes a difference


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  • wow you are jumping the gun massively here hun... relax. if it wasn't good for you then you dont have to see him again, if he asks just say that you would like to be friends as you dont feel a spark.



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