Does Tinder actually work?

So I live in Canada near Toronto. And I use Tinder, I've been matched with dozens of women but I have never actually met any of them and it frustrates the hell out of me. I get women regularly by just meeting new people but I was hopeing to meet some like minded people just wanting to hook up. So if anyone around Toronto uses Tinder, does it work and for most of you who live in the US, what is an average amount of people you would meet from Tinder, not just hook ups but just actually coming face to face with someone from Tinder.


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  • I matched with loads of girls on Tinder, even messaged a few of them and I think I only ever got talking to one or two from there but nothing ever came of it.
    I even joined a proper dating site a few months ago and messaged a few girls on there and got nothing back. I did then get with a girl who I just met generally on Facebook, nothing to do with dating sites

    • I though it was just me lol, good to know i'm not the only one who goes through that bs lol

    • Thanks for MHO! But yeah you're not the only one don't worry hahaha, the proper dating site was worse to me than Tinder though, because I actually put effort in and started the conversation by asking questions and just got ignored. But oh well :P

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  • From what I understand Tinder is just hook ups and if you want to be in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest a mobile phone battery has gone from fully charged to flat then install and use Tinder on your phone LOL.

  • You don't "date" with Tinder. You get into "hookups" with Tinder.
    For dates you want to use something else.