Is it okay for your girlfriend to flirt with guys while your literally in the same room?

I was hanging out with my girlfriend recently and after coming from about an hour away I expected that we would at least talk. But for a majority of the time she just flirted with her guy friends on her phone. (By this I mean calling them cute, attractive and just generally making me feel inadequate)
Then later, we were visiting her best friend and while we were there when they finished talking they said "I love you" to each other. Am I over reacting by being jealous of both of these things? Another point to mention is me and her don't even say I know you to each other.
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  • When you are her boyfriend she can't make compliments on the other guys on phone. Talk to her about it kindly that if you were on her place and would make compliment on the other girls on phone that your so hot your so beautiful.. etc how would she feel? Jealousy will strike! Of course.
    Instead she should hold your arm and let all the other guys know that your more better than the other guys.
    And lastly if two girls say i love you to each other. it's normal girls usually give air kisses, hugs and say i love you etc etc.

    • Her best friend is a guy..

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    • That was very helpful. Thank you.

    • Always pleasure !

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  • Thats not cool. You should talk to her and tell her how you feel, most girls complain about guys looking at other females and flirting (even though a lot of good guys dont) she should appreciate that you respect her by not flirting with other girls and she should respect you by not flirting with other guys regardless of if she is with you or not.

  • man she's your girlfriend she must have respect for you

  • Talk to her :)


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