My girlfriend dosen't talk too much at all, any idea on how to solve this?

Well right now we've been dating for quite some time (8 months) and whenever we video chat, we rarely talk. When we do talk I initiate the conversation and my ideas are that she just doesn't know what to talk about, simple and straight. Sometimes when I run out of things to say then I don't know what to talk about either, and we kind of sit there in silence and sometimes even just do a little awkward face at each other. She says things like "i love you" and "i miss you" and she really means it, and when i say it back i also mean it. But she just doesn't talk much and it leaves a lot of awkwardness in the relationship.

Girls, what should I do to get more conversation in our relationship? Because not having conversation just means we're simply "dating". Whenever I go to her house we talk and cuddle and even laugh a bit, then we end up just making out or something. Through text she explodes with personality and emotion, but over video calls she doesn't talk much, I think this is out of fear of embarrassment, like she's afraid she'll say something wrong or embarrassing. I see videos of her on her friend's instagram and facebook of her doing things like dancing and stuff, things that she would never do in front of me or if i was watching. She feels comfortable and great with her friends and others, but when it comes to me she can't start conversation and always has to look over-decent. I really appreciate her sense of needing to look good for her boyfriend and her not wanting to look bad in front of me, but it's starting to get awkward. And don't get me wrong, sometimes we have video calls where we talk a lot more, but usually it's awkwardness, text and other forms of talking isn't awkward at all...


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  • I think its like u said, afraid to say something wrong or something like that, did u ask her why? If u ask her why doesn't she talk a lot on video chats u would get the right answer... Maybe she gets nervous when u guys video chat ! Its way easier to text than when u see each other on video ! And it doesn't seem that she is sooo shy around u coz when u r with her as u said u guys cuddle, talk, make out, etc. I think u should ask her, its better for u to get the right answer instead of reading her acts 😊 good luck , don't worry I think its normal, sometimes it happens with me ! Lol


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  • Threaten her with feeling "distant".

    • Your username really backs that statement lol

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