Dating is dumb, agree?

I hate that I've grown to think this way, but based on the type of people that I see in and out of relationships all the time, or the majority of the relationships I see and hear about, or know the details of, it's like relationships themselves are founded on stupidity. You've got girls going out with dead-beat dudes, fail to keep their pants on, then they start pooping out kids that the father wants nothing to do with. Step #1 of good parenting: find a good mother or father for a child FIRST before having one! That's another issue though.

Back on topic, I've seen many cases where two people are together and the two people are attracted to each other, but beyond that, it's almost as if they hate each other! They're constantly complaining about the other person, arguing, knit-picking over little things. It's just dumb!

I think I'm a pretty "normal" guy (define normal), that isn't going out of my way to be stupid lol. Maybe that's not normal given the typical nature of the behavior I have previously described. I have a good job, a pretty decent car, a couple of college degrees, still working on another, and I have musical and athletic ability. Sounds great doesn't it? Except it seems a lot more like the young women of today's Western societies are lining up for the typical guys that only know how to use the head below their belt, rolling joints and driving around in tin-cans. That's a real problem in my opinion. Not trying to sound stuck-up but, that's just the way I see it. I get it, everyone struggles when you're young and you have to start at the bottom, but it's like some people don't even try to make things better for themselves and why would a girl even waste their time with someone like that?

I've never had a girlfriend and based on all I've talked about here, I'm almost starting to become ok with that. It's really going to take someone extraordinary to come around and change my mindset, and don't get me wrong, I want that so badly! It's just hard to keep the faith that it's going to ever happen. I don't expect perfection, but if I'm going to at least strive for it, I'd like to find a girl that does too at least. That stands to defy all that is typical.


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  • I don't feel dating is dumb, but I also haven't lost faith in finding a good match for me.

    The things you described about yourself sound very good once a long term relationship comes about, but pieces you forgot to comment on were pieces that affect attraction. You didn't mention how you look, what your social skills are like, or how often you approach/ask out a woman you're interested in. I find that those 3 factors are typically all it takes for a man to get in the door eventually. And a man (from my perception) who never dates or hasn't had a girlfriend, typically isn't working on any of those 3 qualities, specifically number 3.

    • I feel like that's really easy to say being that you're female. I've actually kinda stopped believing in the whole "pursue women" thing honestly. Girls these days seem to be so addicted to being socially accepted and having their egos validated, it's kind of disgusting. Posting selfies everyday, sometimes more than one per day, fishing for compliments and the like. If there's like a hundred guys commenting on a girl's attractiveness, I don't want to be apart of that. Because at the end of the day, none of us are THAT special, you know? I mean, no guy gets the kind of attention some girls get out there... and again, I believe that's a problem. I'd just be yet another guy contributing to a girl's massive over-inflated ego.

      If I'm wrong, please tell me!

      Besides that, I'm not the most attractive guy out there, I know this, it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise lol, but I can't be that bad. I'll tell you right now I'm not that bad looking and I know that my social skills are fine.

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  • It's actually smart.

    • It can be smart, strong emphasis on the "can."

    • No, it is. The system of customs allow for silent rules and intrinsic behavioral norms. It actually makes things easier for everyone. There are far fewer things to consider under the current model such as the problem of infidelity or lying.

      Infidelity is defined by the society; it's not the same globally and the rules change bit at least there are actual rules to look to.

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