Is this girl not interested or does she just not know that, both people have to work in conversations?

So I met a girl on a dating app. I got her number, weve been texting all week, on and off. Ill ask her about her day but she never seems to reciprocate the questions. She doesn't answer bluntly or anything she gives me at least a few senteces each time, but never asking about my day or anything? Is she not interested, or does she just not realise both partys need to work to find out about each other? Im going to ask her out for a drink, so I can get to know her properly. Would you bother texting a guy if you werent interested? She always replies.

Bump 2, she replies with long answers just no questions? We met on tinder surely she not bothered about not texting back since we met on tinder so why would she text for a week


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  • she's not interested.

    • So why would she keep replying all week? If I wasn't interested I wouldn't reply, we only met on tinder...

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