Girls, is this ok for a reply?

So i asked this girl if she wanted to go for drinks tomorrow and she saids she wants to but she going out for a dinner for her aunts birthday which is fine.

I was going to reply with this " No worries hopefully see you some other time then :)"

is that alright?


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  • Never say hopefully -don't give her the power as she will respect you less if you're not strong enough to call the shots. Try "Another time then. :)" then stop all communication until she messages you back. Short and sweet. Short creates ambiguity (she needs to wonder, NOT know, how you feel about not being able to see her) and avoids being overly accommodating, and sweet shows that you are not going to pressure or guilt trip her, which would make you a nuisance.

    If you want an answer now on whether there's interest on her side, another alternative is to propose a different date. "Totally understand, I know this was last minute. Wanna plan ahead for drinks next Tuesday or Wednesday?" Very important to pick a day where you know she is free, because this is also a test. If she still make an excuse, use the above answer and stop texting. She's not interested and now you need to preserve your dignity so you at least might have a chance later on.

    If she says yes, well, good sign - she's not avoiding you, she actually is busy. :) Just make sure YOU offer an exact location and time instead of just asking her what she wants to do. "Great! I'm down for wherever but if you like Spanish food, The Alamo off main street has the biggest margaritas in the area."

    In short - always lead, never follow. Good luck!

    • Thanks very much I said what i said above and she replied with " i would like that" i'll leave it to next week and take the lead thanks for the advice i know i need to be confident.

    • Dude, that's GREAT! She didn't reply "sure" or with a contrived "sounds good!" Unless "I would like that" is a popular and common phrase of affirmation in your circle or area, her response definitely shows that she's interested. Happy for you!

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  • Depends on what you're trying for. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you were asking her out initially, you did the right thing by specifying a date. "Some other time" is ambiguous -which means if you want to ask her out, you'll have to try again later if that's the line you go with.

  • Yes, that's perfectly fine.

  • yes its fine.


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