Does he like me or is he just messing with me because it's really irritating and tiring dealing with his mixed feelings?

So this kid has been sending me like mixed signals about how he feels. He will tease me and mess with me and he also looks at me a lot and talks to me. he will like deliberately go out of his way to be around with or talk to me. For example at lunch I'll hang out with my friends and he'll hang out with his. But he'll drift away from them and talk to me. We're both considered "popular" but him more then me. He's really cocky so I can't tell if this just his personality or he really likes me. One of my friends was taking to one of his friends and his friend said that he never acts this way towards a girl like he does with me and that he said something "good" about me but he couldn't tell her. But honestly I think he's just being an asswipe but I guess I'm blind. Like I said he could just be being cocky he's very very attractive and he knows it.
He's also really touchy like putting his arm around me, trying to grab my ass (I smack the shit out of him) or just touching me


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  • he likes you.


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