What is a deal-breaker when it comes to if you would date someone?

The only one I can think of is if I find the girl extreme physically unattractive. Like if she is a one or two out of ten on the "looks" scale. I can date girls I don't necessarily find physically attractive but there is a limit. Luckily, I only find about 20 percent of women in this category.

What about you guys?
@Bellegirl21 Your list is so long, I had to pick you for MHO. Pickiest girl award right here! Lol.


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  • I have oodles and oodles of deal breakers.

    Smoking, drugs, tattoos, excessive drinking, excessive swearing, someone who doesn't accept my kids or respect my religion, someone extremely overweight, arrogance, someone who is very rude, someone who doesn't have good hygiene, extreme laziness,

    I could go on...


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  • Bad hygiene, short-temper, closed-minded, uber religious, misogynist, bad communication, possessive, narcissism, a prude, over political, ego manics, super judgmental, rude, disrespectful, dumb or pretending to be and not having a sense of being consciously aware

    • As far as prudes go... I don't think you'll meet too many straight men who are prudes lol.

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    • One guy is actually 30 and the other is 23

    • Wow! Anyway, there are always exceptions. I'm sorry about your luck!

      I'm a virgin and I'd have sex in a heartbeat if a girl wanted me to lol.

  • Smoker

    • I'm a non-smoker myself but I think it's narrow-minded not to date someone based on this.

      Addict? I can handle that, although it would be tough.

      I can't disagree with you on abusive. That is always bad.

    • My father was a smoker, smoked all through out my childhood. Id get pneumonia damn near every year due to second hand smoke. I now have breathing problems because of it. I literally can't be around smokers without getting sick.

    • Do you have asthma? I guess that makes more sense if you are diagnosed with that.

      I've never had any problems being around smokers. Not a single health problem. Most people I know don't either, UNLESS they have asthma.

      As far as second-hand smoke, that can be said about our air pollution really. We're getting sick because cars, factories, trains, etc polluting the air with smoke. Cigarette smoke is a MINOR factor into that.

  • If they give me the attention I need.

  • Well there's a bunch, but a new one I'm adding is if he travels a lot and is gone more than he's around. Can't do it. No more international business men or busy Air Force guys for me.

    • Lol you would have NOTHING to worry about with me. My family and I travel less than any other people I know.

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    • I love to travel myself, but I can never afford it and I rarely get the time to.

      I agree, it's hard if someone is traveling all the time.

    • Yes, I wish I had more time and money for it too.

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