Is a we will see from a girl a good or bad thing?

its my birthday tomorrow and i've been on a cinema date and a group dinner with a girl from work. During the week, i mentioned i was going out sat nite with friends and she could come along if she liked and bring mates but she was under no pressure. Leaving work this evening, i bumped into her and she said to me she was feeling tired but to have a good weekend and enjoy my birthday drinks. Normally she's more chattier. then i realised perhaps she was disappointed i didn't mention the birthday drinks again to her, so i texted her apologising for forgetting to email her again and that she was welcome and bring her friends but she was under no pressure :). I got the following back 'No worries!!. Thanks for the invite (smiley face) we will see...'. I wouldn't expect her to come out and meet my friends on my birthday but i would rather a no than a reply like this if she wasn't interested. It did take her about 2 hrs to text me back, which probably isn't unusal for any bloke in giving such an invite to a lady. Is it a know or is she purposely keeping me on tenderhooks or just unsure at present.


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  • It's not a great sign. It's not necessarily bad but it's not a warm and fuzzy sentiment.


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