Who would want to date me knowing these qualities?

1. I am a 20 year old guy, white non-hispanic
2. I have an athletic body type. I enjoy weightlifting.
3. I am 5 feet 7 inches in height.
4. I am southern
5. I lean conservatively on social values
6. I am a workaholic and I work full time in public safety as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician in the meantime.
7. I am ambiverted. But not the most social guy in terms of parties and large groups. But I can strike up convos with random people.
8. I don't smoke yet I am an advocate for marijuana and used to smoke marijuana on rare occssions. But not anymore due to public safety employment.
9. I don't have any tattoos, gauges, or piercings.
10. I am approx 6 inches down there. 11. I seek companionship and not a one night fling. Only have slept with one girl. This is not a dating offer, just trying to see who would

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Most Helpful Girl

  • im 15 lol but i like the sound of you and your attractive.

    • Thank you :)

      Last girl I dates recently was 16 but it did not work out all too great

    • no problem (: and why not, what happened?

    • The first one was really not into me more than just a friend.

      The second girl (also 16) who I lost my virginity to lived in another state.

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  • You seem like a lovely guy who a lot of girls would say yes to, but be wary about the yes's you get. This isn't the safest place to pick up girls. You'd have know idea what you're getting into. Most profiles are private and/or have little to no info about the person. Some people, like me, are honest here, (though I'm probably a bit too honest), but many aren't and are easily putting up an act so you have to be careful in a place like this.

  • How is that your posts just get weirder with every new account?

  • i dont think so.


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