Analyze my situation:did he make his brother a spy?

Guy I like has twin brother that I catch staring at me a lot. I know for a fact that his twin does not have an interest in me tough. Let's call them bob and his twin jerry:) so I had a really long conversation with bob once and I think he may be kinda interested in me. Since then I noticed his brother jerry looks at me a lot and once when I left the cafeteria at our school to go to the library bob and jerry followed me there shortly after to sit with their friends and when I sat in front of bob and brother jerry saw me sit in front of him and started calling his name from across the room. Plus I just catch jerry looking at me a lot in a not so obscure manner when I'm around. I don't know maybe his bro is keeping a look on me for bob? I'm bad with sins and stuff help XD


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  • I don't think so lol. I think you're over thinking nothing. You're probably reading meaning into nothing


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