Would you want to know if the girl you're sleeping with is wanting to sleep with someone else?

I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months now. We've been on many dates, talk almost everyday and we've had sex twice. Within the first week, before we had sex, he asked if we could be exclusive. I agreed not really thinking about it too much. But for the two last week's he's been distant and we haven't seen each other at all. We just can't seem to get our schedules to line up. Well a guy I used to have casual sex with asked to see me and I'm thinking about doing it because well honestly, a girl has needs. I like the first guy a lot and I know we agreed to be exclusive but I'm not his girlfriend technically. If we were closer and had a deeper relationship I obviously wouldn't even think about having sex with someone else but it's still early and deciding to be exclusive was a little premature.

So what is the best way to handle this? Should I tell him that I don't think we should be exclusive right now? Or would it better to not even tell him? Guys, would you want to know?


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  • I would want to know, but I would hate myself for asking... But if I were you I wouldn't consider doing it with this guy and not tell the other guy...

    • I want to tell him but I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to upset him.

    • Or you could tell him that you think you rushed into the relationship to fast and you want to rake a little bit longer and meet new people but also see him still...

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  • I think you should tell him that you aren't into exclusivity. Don't tell him directly that you want to be with someone. Just tell him that what you have is just casual and as you aren't toguether for awhile it's okay to be with other people that you wouldn't mind al all. I hope it helped. Kiss*


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  • If you tell him you are being honest and have a good reason to want to change. If you just do it without telling him, you are a lying bitch. choose what you desire to be.


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