May have a chance with girl who might be a bit out of my league?

meet her at a restaurant i go to , she served me at bar one night , then i saw her at another bar later on and she said hi to me which i felt was a positive sign as she was away from work and didn't have to be nice to me. i've seen her a few times seen then and picked up a feeling she was interested this was where she worked and at the bar we both go to later on at night , just her general look and additude when she see's me seemed really positive, she had this smile and seemed to notice me , she also got jealous when she saw me try and talk to another girl.
but i feel she might be a bit out of my league ( i couldn't say anything negative about her ) , she's like blonde , 20 something , really good looking/nice personality and likely going through school to be some sort of professional that will pay more than my job. i feel like only reason i have a chance as its summer and we just happened to meet and she just hasn't meet anyone else or some other reason she took a liking to me. also feel like i'll regret this more if i don't at least try and date her even if i feel it might not work out long term. i'm not really sure how to proceed?


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  • Just walk up to her and talk to her. Then see if she wants to hang out.

    • she's really busy at work , there isn't a lot of time to talk to her , at bar is more of an opening but things can get a bit crazy there , I should try and get her # maybe

    • Go to the bar she's working at and try to talk to her when she's not getting someone a drink.

    • After talking to her a bit maybe ask her for her number so y'all can keep in touch?

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  • I work at a restaurant that has a bar, and bar tenders tend to be extremely friendly people. How did she get jealous with you? What were her mannerisms?

    • she's new at that restaurant so I don't know her very well , all the girls are friendly when at work , however some of them ignore at bar later in night , she didn't ignore me and came over and said hi the night we first meet , she just sort of noticed I wanted to talk to these 2 girls at table when I went over and tried to talk to them , you could just sort of tell she was annoyed I had done that , she also definity doesn't have a boyfriend and single

    • Try flirting with her

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