Why am I like this?

I'm seventeen years old and I am not really interested in romance. I dont know why, but I genuinely dont want a boyfriend and am not interested in getting one. There was a guy I liked who asked me out. I had no legitamate reason to reject him except the simple fact that no matter how much I thought he was cute, I dont want a relationship. Its not that I am anti relationship or that I dislike romance, I am simply really stoic about it and I dont understand it. I have never once had the desire to have a boyfriend. I am starting to think its kind of weird that I dont even have the slightest interest in a relationship. Its not that I dont want to be tied down or that I'm not ready or any other excuse and I'm not gay It just doesn't interest me. Does anyone else think like this?


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  • Agree with prior opinion. If this is the way you feel, there is nothing wrong with it. Aside from all that , you are still very young, and there is no reason to rush it.


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  • sounds like you may be aromantic... does sex interest you?

    • I guess it does. The idea if having sex with a guy who I like sounds interesting enough

    • ya you sound aromantic and heterosexual... which means an friends with benefits is probably the right route for you

    • Wow friends with benefits. My friends would trip if they knew thats what i want but, well, that does sound agreeable

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  • I have the exact same problem! There's a name for that: Aromanticism. Maybe you should search it up and see if you relate or not?

    • I looked it up and it does sound like me. I usually try to be a guys friend and i end uo giving them the impression that I dont like them or consider them unworthy of me byt that isn't true. I like to be guys friends but not because they are not handsome or appealing but because I just dont want relationships and the idea of wanting emotional love from someone else confuses me. Im not judging people who DO want relationships as my friends have told me , i just dont get it

    • OMFG yes, that's exactly how it is
      i just think you should embrace that part of you and let others respect that. If one day you wake up thinking, "I know the meaning now and I'm ready to love!" then good for you but for now it seems like ur a part of the LGBTQA community haha :P (a being for asexuals and aromantics)

  • It's okay. Don't worry. You're not weird.


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