She suggested hiking for our date?

Opinions on her suggesting hiking for our date. I asked her out and made sure and specified date. She said yes and suggested a hike that we tried but didn't finish. This time she said we should do it at night because of the heat. I was just wondering why she wants to do this hike again so badly? She has brought it up before. I don't know why she wasn't a to do it so badly.


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  • Honestly, she probably just really likes the hike and wants to do it again at night because it's better then and she really wants you to see it. I take it she's into fitness and I've realized thats a go-to date for active people

    • That's the funny part is she isn't really a fitness girl. In fact last time it looked like she was in hell because she had terrible allergies.

    • Do you think maybe she wants to impress you? Or possibly wants to do something she thinks you would definitely like..

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  • Hiking at night for the sake of the hike is ridiculous. Most places will become mor dangerous in the dark because you can't see where you are stepping. If you get lost, you can be REALLY lost at night. The view is non-existent at night, and isn't seeing things why you go on a hike?

    The only reason I could see for a hike at night is if she knows a spot to do some other physical activity. Now that might well be worth it. But you should talk to her about thie whole idea of wandering around in the dark.

    • Let me rephrase this. By night I mean 7. On this hike we will be getting back to the car a little after 10 so it won't be dark dark. We will be ok.

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    • Still, be aware that after 7 the sun is quite low and trees and hills block a lot of the light. Before 10 it will be extremely dark as far as seeing any dangerous spots on the trail. Just be very careful. I love hiking, but have learned to be done long before "dark".

    • Duely noted thank you!!

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  • Dude! If you both enjoy hiking then hiking is a great date. Why not? And just one woman's perspective, but if I suggested going on a night hike as a date, I'd be deliberately setting up a situation in which we'd have lots of time in seclusion. Sounds promising to me.

    • I'm just curious more than anything because she has wanted to finish this hike badly. Haha probably won't have too much seclusion as it is a popular trail to a water fall.

  • Message me! I'd like to know an update on this situation


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  • You'd have to ask her, man. It is a bit odd. I guess for dedicated hikers, a nighttime hike could be fun and romantic. Maybe she thinks YOU would like it. :)

    I'd straight-up ask her.

    Good luck. :)

    • The thing is she isn't really a hiker. I am. She got tired trying it last time. Like I said it's the same hike and we just didn't finish it.

    • Aha. She probably wants to do it because she thinks you'd really appreciate it, then. :)

    • Be sure to talk about this a bit. I have to believe there are things you both would enjoy equally? The impression is that she's dead-set because she thinks you like it so much, etc.

  • Maybe there's a hill that has a beautiful view she wants to share with you. Maybe she just likes physical activity.

    One way or the other she's gonna be hiking...


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