If a guy that you're "dating" kisses you once and then never again, did he lose interest?

So jake and I are both high school seniors. We have been "dating" since Jan. 2015. Dating=going on dates, nothing official. We've known each other since Aug.2013, but I moved 15 hours away in March 2014. Anyway, I texted him, he planned a dinner and a movie date, and we went when I flew into town for a visit. i fly for free (parents are employees) so from Jan.-June i flew up for dates about every/every other weekend. movie, mini golf, etc. Now that I am moving back, I thought he would be interested in taking things to a bf/gf level. I've already met his parents, he texted me right before meeting them "I can't wait for you to meet them, I'm sure they're going to love you."So I thought that was a good sign. Then, I invited him to come to an amusement park, just me and him, for my birthday. it was great and afterwards when he dropped me off he finally kissed me. it seemed like he had it all planned as part of my bday present (also gave me actual present at the same time). since then we've been on 2 dates (including one at his house-parents) and he hasn't kissed me ever again. note:we have not held hands period, just hugged a few times, kissed only once. he is a LITTLE BIT shy about this kind of stuff & is Christian. but why would he kiss me once and then never again? should I ask him about it? ask if he's interested in a bf/gf thing?(because i totally am at this point) or leave it be? he's also very super busy with sports his dad makes him do, and I'm afraid his dad might force him to not be serious until later in college. Ugh please I just need a guys point of view. I have to know what jake is thinking. :( I want to be his girlfriend so bad but am not sure how. i thought we were finally getting somewhere with the kiss but now I'm not too sure.


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's definitely interested
    Coming from a shy guy, he's probably just that, a little shy
    I was in a similar situation with a girl and was shy as well, and it probably cost me
    Definitely talk about where things are headed if you need to, something I should have done myself

    • Thanks, I haven't talked to him in over a week because he's been busy with things but hopefully I'll get to ask him "what we are" sooner than later.

What Girls Said 1

  • Not a guy but it seems like something you should try to talk about. Maybe go in for a kiss yourself and see if he meets you halfway.

    • Thanks! It's kinda hard because he's not really romantic and we never have relationship conversations but I'll try my best.

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