I'm thinking about lowering my standards regarding appearance?

I was lately thinking about lowering my standards regarding appearance since I'm very introverted, homebody, shy and easily get very nervous around girls, stutter a lot, in extreme cases blush etc. I think this would give some ease around them and develop it much further, maybe to marriage? When it's coming to appearance, I dunno why but I always find something attractive in each women either if it's legs, hips, face and list can go on and on. So I think it's worth giving it a shot on the long term as personality counts too. What do you think about it?

P. S: I have also found social experiment regarding appearance and dating and it appears that girls are more keen on it. If you are intersted on watching it here it is:



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  • I'd suggest you work on your own insecurities and find way to make yourself more attractive. I was shy when I was younger and I lowered my standards, it never works out because eventually you just lose interest in them especially sexually, and that's a big part of a relationship.

    Shyness and nervousness can be overcome by forcing yourself to talk to women more often. Eventually once you've spoken to loads of them, and probably been rejected a few times, you'll realise it's no big deal and you'll feel much less nervous.

    As for yourself, lift weights if you don't already, that way you'll attract more women. Even when I was shy I got approached because I had a good body.


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  • Nice :) Once you REALLY love someone you will notice you won't care as much about their appearance. If your really awkward getting to know girls I really suggest online dating. In that way you an immediatly find girls with common interests and such. Me and my boyfriend are kinda introverted, I mean we wouldn't go out to party or talk to random people. We met online and click incredibly well, Like we are made for each other. So much we have alread been living together.

    • Yep, I NEVER, EVER go to clubs or pubs and social events let alone talking to strangers !. I really was in a pub with group of my friends like 2 times in my whole life and I'm 22 😂 😂 😂 😂 I have tried online dating but it sucks, I get a lot of "Meet Me" hits but when I want to start conversation with them, they usually don't replay or if I found someone and tried talk to them it ends after 5 minutes, when it goes well maximum 10 minutes and it ends, either way I'm screwed.

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    • I know :) We went from youtube to facebook and from facebook to Skype and from Skype to real life :D Each step just got better and better.

      In this way he could check me out, see my personality etc...

      i suggest to try and make yourself less shy :) There are courses out there to help you with that. For real dont think they won't work, just try and do it :) You only have this life, go for it. And all the people participating will be shy just like you.

    • I don't think that in UK there are such curses, lol. What sucks in Online dating is that they click "Meet Me" with no intention of even chatting, I hate when girls do this.

  • What are your standards now?

    • "Hot" aka very attractive
      A bit geeky

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    • Like if you ask most guys what they are looking for they are gonna say things more along the lines of what she looks like. Legs, face, butt, boobs, eyes whatever. But you listed 2/3 of the traits as personality not appearance.

    • Well, the personality is more important than appearance in a way as still there must be some attraction.

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  • I'd say focus more on finding women that you have common interests with. What do you like to do in your free time? Finding people with similar interests as you will open the doors to finding a compatible woman. After all, it is those common interests and values that tend to help keep us together in the long run.


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