So there are guys out there that want more then just sex?

Met him online. A lot of guys I have spoke to online , one I dated an others just let me down. One guy arranged a date then day later spoke to me for s bit then totally ignored my existence and no word since.

He didn't have any manners or anything. He said to me I should be more fair and not think all guys are the same gave him a chance and he blew it so he proved he didn't deserve a chance. Any guy that has to convince a girl to be fair isn't worth it.

Online had many flakes, liars and guys who say they want to date but in real life are far too busy and useless and forming something in real life hence why they hiding behind phones and laptops but never actually dating anyone on there. One guy said dates are expensive he prefers staying in. m

Many girls would be appalled as that's the whole point of online to meet an go out not go sleep over and hook up hell it is not tinder 😂

This one guy who I talked to months back was very handsome but profile seemed bit full of it. He messaged and we chatted. He asked for my whatsapp and I gave him. We chatted for a bit then he totally stopped talking an ignored me for no reason.

Months later he flirts again on new profile an I was like no you ignored me he said when. I explained he said oh was probably with someone. So why take my number an talk a bit then do that if your taken. That put me off him further so I said bye. He asked for my new number I said no not interested.

So some real crazy idiots on there who are not genuine and ones who really don't know how to talk to women. I came across a profile few days back, the guy was good looking but lived a bit far from me. I winked and he messaged. We got talking an hit it off. I would say I am an experienced online dater through what I have been through with men.

He was sweet an just talked normally an didn't lead with hi sexy or beautiful or anything creepy. He just was very easy going an I
Enjoyed talking to him. He plans to meet up with me an is very kind towards me I injured rib he asks how it is. speaks everyday most of day and initiates. Nothing creepy or weird. We are both Pisces also


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  • Long story short, yes, there are guys out there who aren't looking for just sex. Unfortunately, finding them is the hard part. You *possibly* have one here. Just take things at your pace and read his vibes. You'll figure out pretty quickly what his intentions are.

    • Yeah I can tell he is after more as he wants to go out in real dates an has asked so much trying to get to know me better

  • Yeah there is guy out there that want to get to know the girl and want a friendship. For example I know for a fact that I am looking for a girl like to know me and not play mind game.


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  • Me and my boyfrien met online. He has a big penis, thick. We didn't have sex for a loooonnggg time, months, because he couldnt put it in. It hurt me too much.

    I was worried it would never work and he said " Ann I love you and I will stay with you no matter what, even if we can't have sex": And he was completly honest, since at that stage it really looked like sex would be impossible.

    BUT, I started to practice myself and sex does work now :)

    But yes, a guy can love a girl just as much as a girls can love a guy, and then sex is not the most important thing. Ofcourse sex is great and fun, and there are other ways to have sex beside penetration. But many guys want a relationship that lasts forever and someone they can be themselves with and have fun with as you grow older together and your bond just gets stronger and stronger.
    You just have to find the right person and dont settle for less.

    • Also dont focus too much on looks ! A lot of really good looking guys just want to kinda of act like they are in a supermarket full of girls and pick one after the other to try.

    • He's good looking but not a jerk as I said as he doesn't really realise his attractiveness an doubts it an asks me what I think of him. So luckily found a good guy 😀

  • Did your post got cut? Ended in a cliffhanger lol

    • Yeah but I wasn't out of words 1930 an max is 2000 😥

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    • You've done a great job for not letting the first guy come back to you. If a man disappear, let him disappear in your life for good. As for the guy you are talking now, honestly you wouldn't know what he's after unless you meet him in real life. Remember, you met through online. You should assume that he's talking to other girls as well. If you're the type who doesn't do ons, you should make it clear with them. Online dating is not as easy as it looks like. Its so easy to tell do not get attached with your casual date but we are humans with feelings. You shouldn't expect anything unless he makes it clear what he really wants. Save yourselt a lot of heartache.

    • I was talking of the past as well. An definitely can see the difference with this guy we get on well. An he's made it clear what he's after as we are going to go on dates so I can only be happy about that. its not that I am getting my hopes up I just know he seems a lot different then the other guys. i know we met online but he's not talking to other girls as we are keen on each other. An as I said he isn't making sexual remarks or talking of that he's asking questions to get to know me. An we won't have a ons he knows that already. He's made it clear so I am happy 😀

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