Im so confused?

Ok so I had a boyfriend a whike back, and we broke up, because thought he was never really interested in me, (he didn't text me back or wouldn't talk to me for a while) he kept on texting me after the breakup for about 7 months and I ignored him still, he made a new profile and txted me on it, so I finally answered back.. I told him why I broke up with him and he said he is still into me and that I misunderstood... after that he asked if I would send him pics.. I said no.. and he said that he was only asking.. then he said"can we be in a relationship please".. im soo confused does he really want there to be an us again or just a fling? Should we get back together or just forget it?


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  • Any guy that trys to get a girl back by saying please is a weak as bitch that doesn't have the means to have any confidence or any kind of backbone. You can do much better then that lousy attempt of a man.


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  • if i was u i'd not take him seriously since he asks for pics and stuff like dat... wot kind of pics though? hope not those i'm guessin

    • Yep it is... but then he was like I've wanted to date you becuz blah blah.. I don't know if I can trust him so not sure if we will be dating... I don't know

    • i'd give him another chance if he apologized bout pics and never mention again bout 'em. once he did i'd cut him off

  • He doesn't sound serious. What is he like?

    • He is persistenthe kept on trying to message me for 6 months after the break up, a bit shy, gamer guy, it feels like he really wants this relationship becasue he is begging me.. but im not sure what to do

    • He sounds very desperate. I don't think you wanna be with a desperate guy, cause he'll just end up being really needy.

    • And he asked for your pics too, so I don't think he's serious at all.

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