How to convince my parents?

How can I convince my parents to let my boyfriend sleep over at my house? They're convinced that we're going to have sex, and trust me, if we were going to do it anywhere it wouldn't be here, but how can I get them to believe me? My mother is relatively cool with all of that stuff too, like she's not overly strict and she was going to let my guy best friend once sleep over so she's kind of open to having a boy sleepover but still not entirely there, plus this would be different since it's my boyfriend


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  • They probably won't ever let him sleep over because of their own fears. If you really want to see him at night have him meet you at your window.


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  • why do you really want him to sleep there?

    • So we can have sum fun tonight 😋

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    • oohh.. cool.. you are the boyfriend.. :) i hope you have a lot of fun with her.. :) @Keyspirits

    • tell your parents what you told us.. that you can have sex anywhere if you want.. but you dont want that... you just want to be with him.. nothing sexual... i think they will understand... @asker

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  • At the end of the day, you can't.

    Their house, their rules.

  • Is it in two different rooms or the same room?

    • Same room because there isn't a spare bed

    • lol Thats a Big No even my girlfriend had her own private room when she lived with me at m ymoms house

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