What do I need to prepare myself for working with my crush next week (for the first time)?

I'm going to work with my crush for a whole week next week for doing work experience. We're going to be in a cafe, and I just want some advice of what I should do because this is my first time to hang out with my crush outside of school. And my Mum and his Mum just started to be friends, and I just started to be friends with his Mum. His Mum likes me a lot, and she's very kind to me. So please give me some tips of what I should do

For example:
• What do I need to wear?
• What do I do to my crush (help with him or etc)?
• What do I need to do if something bad happened?
• Should I say yes if his Mum invited me to go to their house for lunch/dinner?

Thanks for reading this, I hope you can help me as soon as possible


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  • Just a approach it as a normal week of work expierence if your crush wasn't there that is one answered, Two and three can be covered by being friendly, polite and nice. If something bad happens again act as if he was there. Four if invited go along it would give you a chance to talk to crush in a more relaxed environment.

    • Oh ok, thanks for your advice. I also just made a thank you card for his Mum (since she helped me with this), and I drew it myself

    • That will be a nice surprise for his mum

    • That's good, it's because I want to show her a good impression of me

  • Well wear what is required dress for the cafe. As you boyfriend what needs to be done. If something bad happens the discussion needs to wait till the end of the day. No reason not to say yes for lunch. Also expect frustration from the both of you.

    • Thank you very much, and it would be great to go to his house for the first time

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