How can I stop pushing people away?

This guy and I have started talking for awhile and now we both like each other, a lot. I am making plans to go and see him tomorrow so we can finally meet and see where it goes. Unfortunately now, I am starting to do what I do best, which is pushing people away. Yesterday we ere talking all day then by the time I got off work, I stopped replying to his text messages. He was texting me how he did not know what he did for me to not talk to him and how he hopes that I still come and see him. He mentioned in another text that I could text him tomorrow (today) and how he really likes me a lot and never has tried this hard for a girl to talk to him. I honestly feel back because I know exactly what I am doing, but I am the type of person who always has my expectations set high and they never are met. I really like this guy as well, but I don't know what to do. I also know that the way I am treating him now is not how he should be treated at all. I think I am acting this way because a tiny portion of me thinks that he is using me ince I personally believe he is so out of my league. What should I do?


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  • since u know u r pushin him away, then simply reply back to his texts. u can't b sure by now he's usin u at all. u should see first how it'll go, before comin to this conclusion and say this guy's usin u... it mght b untrue ;)


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