Called me a hoe?

This guy knows I like him we used to flirt a lot and I let him touch me a little it was good but recently he started ignoring me and texting me messages calling me a hoe I ignored it and asked him in person and he said it's because he's random and he just does that we were together last week and he wanted to put his hands inside my shirt but I didn't let him just on the outside. Is it my fault?


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  • No, you did a great job. No guy should call you out of your name. By not allowing him to touch inside of your shirt, it shows him that he needs to respect you in order to get what he wants. Always respect yourself. I hope this helps.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't talk to him anymore.

    Any one that can say harsh words like that in a non-chalant manner isn't worth my time!
    He's treating you like that and you've never had sex.
    Imagine if you did have intercourse with him what he'd call you in a reckless manner.

    If you continue talking to him,
    let him know it isn't okay that he calls you a hoe.


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  • It's the age that you guys are at. I know when I was reaching 16, the main way I would flirt with someone would be by insulting them. As you can tell, it didn't get me too far, but it was just a sign of spontaneous decision to show affection.


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  • Well if you are doing things with him, how dare he say that about you. I don't care if he is a random person or not, that is not ok!. You need to tell him to hit the road. He obviously has no respect for u what so ever. He needs to learn he can't say those things. You know what's right, go with your instinct, good luck.


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