Do we still have a chance? Why did he get so mad, if he wouldn't tell me how he felt?

I messed things up with him. We were out drinking one night and he was getting pretty drunk so I refused to kiss him. We had been hooking up for 5 months. But only when we saw each other, since I was away at school so like 1-2 a month. We'd usually just drunk hook up. I was under the impression we were just hooking up. But neither of us really said how we felt. Anyways he got pretty mad I didn't kiss him, got more drunk and said ome rude things so I walked away and he then ended up leaving. Then he was going to a camping music festival with his friend with his sister and her friends (his sister is my good friend and we live together atm). So I got a ticket last minute because she wanted me to go. I now just found out he was pissed I was coming. But obviously he didn't say anything to me. While there this one girl was all over him so he was with her the whole time. He just ignored me and barely talked to me.. And I heard they made out... Anyways we weren't in a relationship. We both hooked up with other people in between. But I do still like him and have feelings. The reason I didn't kiss him was because I didn't want to get hurt, since I was getting feelings. So I stopped. I should have told him.. Now i just started talking with him normally again. What's he thinking? Can I get him back?

The girl on the trip her boyfriend broke up with her the second day of the trip... Anyways that was a one time thing.


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  • if he was mad then he wouldn't talk 2 u. he was mad only atm, and he was actin this way since he was drunk, and only coz of it
    also he didn't talk bout this other gal for obvious reasons. he didn't want u to feel bad.

    • So why did he avoid me the whole trip. And even after? I guess I avoided him too. Is he mad because I wouldn't kiss him?

    • yeah dat was da reason he was mad as i said above.
      now he's not mad anymore

  • Pursue another decent guy. There are a few possible results. 1) He'll see your value in someone else's eyes and pursue you or 2) He won't care and you'll know for sure he's moved on and you'll have a new guy to help you move on. Either way, you win and you'll have options.

    • If she finds a decent guy, why would she need the drunkard?

    • What do you mean by number one? And number two how do I know he's moved on?

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