Does he like me? We only met two days away but already went to lunch together. I'm just confused by his mixed signals?

Reasons why I don't think he likes me that way: -he hasn't asked me for my number -after class, he will wait for a little bit but then just leave and i'd have to catch up to him -he was talking about a movie he wants to watch and how his friends aren't available but didn't ask me to watch it with him -when we were talking about a tv show, relationships came up and he mentioned that his breakup was recent Reasons why i think he likes me: -ever since we started talking, we've been talking nonstop during our breaks. our conversations are unforced, he asks me a lot of questions, and jokes/teases me a lot -asked me out to lunch although this might just be casual since it was in between our classes -he smiles a lot -i mentioned a place i work and the next day he asked me about it because he saw it, which i hope is a good sign

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  • right am just gunner say it how it is there's two solutions to this guy number 1. if he's older he could be trying to take advantage of you and like take you for the mail yeah but straight into your pants after or there's number 2. he could be genraly really nice and want to take you for a meal and two the movies and look after you in future, that's my opinion on this one


What Girls Said 1

  • Act on it and see what happens... Maybe he's waiting for u...
    Ir maybe he just thinks but abgood friend...