How to deal with your boyfriends disrespectful friend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over a year now and we have only broken up once within the first couple months we were dating. When my boyfriend and I broke up his best friend decided to take matters into his own hands by messaging me and bringing up a lot of personal things I told my boyfriend as well as telling me how I am such a horrible person. Since my boyfriend and I started dating his best friend has always been rude to me, made fun of me or started rumours about me to mutual friends of ours. My boyfriend is very respectful to his best friend and his girlfriend no matter what.

Question #1: should my boyfriend stand up for me in this type of situation?

After my boyfriend and I got back together he told me he would stop talking to said friend and his girlfriend but lately he has been talking to him and hiding it from me. I don't know how to handle this sorta thing when my boyfriend's best friend has a girlfriend but flirts with every single girl he talks to and his girlfriend sleeps with other guys

Question #2: should my boyfriend still talk to him or just not lie to me?


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  • Your boyfriend started it so he can end it/


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