Im stalking one of his casual girl and I feel sorry for her?

So this guy I met through Tinder is spinning the plates (dating girls at a time)

I know this fact so I guess it became awkward between us so he chose not to meet me anymore - Well, he didn't say he doesn't want to meet me anymore but he just disappeared aka "ghosting"

I am able to stalk his facebook and his friends list. I searched for this girl's name in his friends list (who I saw calling him on his mobile before) I saw that she posted a picture with him, it was recent (June 28) and I felt sorry for her cause im very sure she sees him as a boyfriend material. She had posted status before telling her friends that "for now" they are friends.

Is it possible for her to know that he's spinning the plates and just continue their relationship as being casual? Or she's clueless? When I knew that he's dating other girls, I snapped lol I couldnt take the jealousy and I only knew him for a month. While this girl, seems that they know each other from January this year. So obviously, she has more emotional attachment to him.

Im glad im done with him. Guess I use my brain more than my heart.
by the way, I've already slept with him.. thrice D:


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  • she will have to deal with it.

    • So you presume she doesn't know yet?

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