Am I being too paranoid?

I've recently started dating this amazing woman, a bit forgetful about her phone. Or letting it die. We've kept in touch via text when not on a date. Unless we are busy working.

We haven't talked in a couple days, and normally that's fine but the paranoid side of my brain is kicking in and I feel she's ignoring me because I may have said or done something to deserve it. I'm doing my best to keep my calm and not freak out about this. Ha ha! I don't want to screw this up, I have in the past with others, and I'm trying not to with this one.

Should I leave her be and wait for her to get back to me? Or if she did leave her phone, stop by her place and visit. This post seems so trivial, but I can't think logically about this and could use a voice outside my own.
I WAS being too paranoid and insecure. Ha ha! Yay! I'm calm now. :-)


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  • Don't just show up at her house - that's too stalker-y. If you haven't talked in a couple days 'cause you haven't called or texted her, why haven't you? If you've called or texted and she hasn't answered, there are only two possible explanations: she can't ('cause she let her phone die and you'll just have to wait for her to charge it and get back to you) or she doesn't want to. You don't get to control which is the case. You put it out there that you'd like to talk to her again and now you have to wait. Ball's in her court.
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    • I didn't go to her house. My conscious smacked me and told me it was a bit stalker-ish. Ha ha! I don't want my past mistakes to ruin what I think could be great with her. If I get nervous or insecure, I start thinking worst case scenarios and I really need to get out of that habit.

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  • I think you are just being insecure. Blow it off. Dont worry about it


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  • You are being extremely paranoid. I know for me, my phone dies quite often in the middle of the day (because it sucks) and when it doesn't I usually don't respond quickly because I have a lot going on. At the same time, I usually forget to text back the guy I like because I want to avoid texting anything stupid..

    • Her phone dies a lot or she forgets it. It's also the 4th of July. Reading these responses has calmed my nerves quite a bit and waiting for her to respond when she can.

  • If you're still concerned go by her place. Try to get your thoughts in perspective. Take it slow so you don't crash and burn. Give yourself some time. .. Chill!😊

    • We've been bluntly honest with one another and it's helped a great deal. This is driving me nuts. If I feel ignored, I drop them like a bad habit, but I don't want to with her. It's been two years for any sort of dating or relationship.

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    • She's told me about her past stalkers on our first date, I shared some of my horror stories as well. I think we both needed to do so. It was cathartic for us. I'm trying to chill, I really am. It's rare for me to meet such an amazing woman.

    • Enjoy her company. .. Remember your just starting off.. I hope she is the one for you!

  • you're being paranoid. just relax.


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