Was I wrong for deleting him off Facebook?

We dated not monogamous, not serious, first 3 year ago for like 4 months but he kept wanting sex but was SO secretive and would not commit... I didn't trust him..

He would always come back to me but was a flake, not so nice, never followed through on plans a bunch of times...

Then he added me on FB and I tried to talk to him but he wasn't so chatty, also one time he tried to make plans but didn't follow up... he kept lliking my photos and writing some comments but did not try to see me or chat with me. so I got upset and unfriended him.

I unfriended him because I felt like he's not trying to talk to me, and I tried once and he said hi but then didn't say much else, so why does he keep liking my stuff but not trying to engage with me. Seeing him on FB all the time with him not interacting with me was just bothreing me-because I used to have strong feelings and it was hard to distance myself, I didn't want them to come back.


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  • Yeah, looks like you made the right decision. Leave him and don't look back.

    • it's like... you always upset me, never were really caring about my life so why should you get to lurk? make an effort to be part of it then. smh.

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    • i am forgetting now i just removed him

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