My boyfriends cousin broke me and my boyfriend apart?

So my boyfriends girl cousin would say sexual things to my boyfriend and he would just laugh about it right in front of my face. He allowed it and never once told her that what she is saying isn't making my girlfriend feel right until it was too late. His cousin has said sexual things multiple times to him and he didn't ever stand up for me and tell her to stop the first time because, I felt extremely uncomfortable. I kept telling him and nothing was being done about it and he kept ignoring me and didn't hear me out. He also drove to take her to go get her nipples pierced and I was in the car too but I was getting my nose ring too but the fact that he drove his cousin to get her nipples pierced while I was in the car was totally disrespectful and she knows how to drive, why couldn't she just go by herself and then on top of that she was saying sexual things to him and he said "it's just jokes" and I didn't like it. He didn't stand up for me like a man should have and then one day I just blew up and couldn't take it and I still tried to make it work after I blew up on him. I apologized for being so angry about the situation when I blew up but he wasn't doing nothing about it. He took me home and ignored me for 3 days after I told him the way I felt about the situation with his cousin and then finally he called and told me he wanted to break up and that he told his cousin how I felt and I started fighting for the relationship and fighting to talk to him and just hung up on me and I cried a lot this morning but I feel like should I keep crying about this situation or try to talk to him again?


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  • Let it goooooo seriossky because if he cared he would've worked it out with you. You did the right thing by telling the truth. Don't apologize for the way that you felt and the things you said because it had to happen.

    • You're right. I was moping around doubting myself and I realized that I didn't feel okay about it and I didn't want to accept it.

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