How do I accept and coipe with being alone?

Well at this point I gave up on this. I'm too ugly and I dont like fat girls. I dont blame girls for judging me on my looks because I do it to to some extent. All I ever wanted was a decent looking girl that liked me for me. I came to accept that I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. How do you cope with being lonely?

I dont want no cliches stick to the quetsion which is "coping with loneliness" not aww some girl out there will like you crap please and thanks


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  • Become more secure in yourself and just do you


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  • If you really can't get a girl here, go to the Philippines. They LOVE American men there. They love our culture. They love the language (they all speak English, some well some just okay...) You'd be treated like a rock star. You could ask out the best looking girl in the room and she would gladly say yes. And the women are beautiful. Go to sometime and do a quick search. Anyhow. just a suggestion.

    • I'm not American...

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    • Puerto Rican and I ain't trying no sketchy dating site which might sell me off to the slave trade thank you very much

    • lolol - FilipinoCupid is a very reputable site. They have Chinacupid, brazilcupid, ChristianCupid a ton of different sites. It is a big company. Try posting on there and see how many women want to date you. No one is going to sell you off as a slave... Those are the arabs that do that and only with little blond women.. I dont think you qualify - lol Good Luck

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  • Find things you enjoy and do them


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  • I remind myself that tomorrow is never given. I know I will never be alone forever. Then I focus on me (exercise, work, kids). I know my Mz. Universe is searching for a man like me with all my qualities. I'm confident in this and can't wait to shake her hand.
    Stay positive..! Tomorrow is never given.

    • Well thanks for the pep talk but I'm in fact ugly as fuck and won't get any girl. thats fact I just wanna know how to cope with being alone forever.

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