What do men think about this?

I was talking to this man for about 4 months, and we recently stop talking and I do miss him but I haven't contact him and I plan on not to and he hasn't contact me either. Also I have block him on facebook and I do not regret it but I want to know what do men think when a woman block them on facebook do it faze them or they just don't care? part of me think he doesn't know that I have block him since there were couple of times I have deactivate my Facebook and it looks like I have that block that person, so I don't know if he knows. Point is what do men think when woman block them that they recently stop talking to? .. I'm just curious
I really need advice on this please
let me clear this up me and him was talking 4months and a week ago we stoped talking


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  • "Hmm she must have some issue with me. Oh well..."


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  • I think it's pretty safe to say that if a guy hasn't talked to you for 4 whole moths he's not too worried about FB blocks.

    • no we talk for 4 months aka dating , we haven't talk in a week almost

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    • I'm confused what you are talking Me and him was talking 4 months like we just stop taking... and almost week ago we have stop talking and I block like couple of days ago and I was seeing if maybe he notice and seeing if it bother him I was just curious

    • Well, with friends it's pretty normal to stop talking and like you said you've deactivated before. My guess is that he just thinks you've deactivated again.

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