What does he mean when he says "Yeah, we'll see."?

This guy and I have been having trouble connecting. Either he's been too busy studying or I've been away when he's been free for the past few months. Still, he's always been very inconsiderate and impromptu about when we hang out and always wants me to visit him the day of inviting instead of go out. When he suggested I go over and hang out tonight, I told him I was at a friend's house, but that I would still like to do something this week to which he responded "Yeah, we'll see". He's also studying for the CPA exam and is very stressed.

I don't know how to ask him if he's mad at me or what to do with this.


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  • Sound like when you say we will do something together. He don't believe you so he say we will see.

    • So would it be out of line if I asked him if we could hang out tonight?

    • No it wouldn't be. He would be surprised if you show up to hang out. You must planned something before and had to changed plans for him to say "yea we will see"

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