I told this girl that I like her?

So ealier today I told this girl, that I like, that I like her and that I think she is a really beautiful and amazing girl. And then I pretty much asked her out. Then she takes a while to respond and finally says that she has no expirence with being in relationships and she will need some time to think but she would love to get to know me better if this isn't awkard between us. What do I say? What do I do?


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  • Firstly, congrats. Not many people are as gutsy as you for being so honest about your love. That's awesome. I say you just need to be patient now. She's unsure and maybe a little scared, and she understandably wants to take things slow.

    • How do I know when to make a move or not to?

    • With girls as unsure as she is, it's a good idea to ask before doing anything (consent is always importantly obviously, but especially here because it's not obvious that she is attracted to you). It's been a couple weeks since you asked, so I don't know what has happened in this time. The best thing to do would be to gradually build a physical connection. Let her learn to feel more comfortable with your touch, and once she's noticeably cozy with you, ask for her permission to kiss her. Again, I dunno your details so I'm generalizing the situation. Hope it helps a little bit.

    • Thank you for your help, so her and I actually talked earlier today and she said that she doesn't have much experience with all this dating stuff but she would like to give it a try. So I asked her out and she said yes. Thank you again for your amazing help.

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  • Just be encouraging with her idea.. Say yeah I'd love to get to know you more, let's go out for (coffee, tea, lunch) and just talk. Let her get comfortable around you, she'll open up to you and you just get to know each other. she didn't deny you, so that's a good start. Now it's just the waiting game, until she's ready for a relationship.


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